Address: Frattura Vecchia, Scanno


Located near the vast entrance piazza of the depopulated village centre, the fountain is of the type with a rear wall and horizontal crowning in irregular stone blocks that extend on both sides. A round arch, between two stone piers, forms a niche above the rectangular basin in which the water flows from the central channel. At the base of the two piers were are small tanks that collect water from two lion-head masks above. The area in front retains traces of the cobbled pavement made from river stones.

Historical Notes

The fountain, designed in 1834 but probably modified and remodelled in 1904, provided water to the small village of Frattura Vecchia, the original centre of this hamlet near Scanno. Built on the "fracture” itself which is still visible today, which was created in prehistoric times from Mount Genzana when the damming of the river Sagittarius created the lake below. The centre of this village was almost completely destroyed by the devastating earthquake in nearby Marsica in 1915. Later abandoned, the village was rebuilt between 1932 and 1936 on another spur of Mount Rava - the current Frattura nuova - from whose viewpoint we can now enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Scanno. Of the ancient village, other than the fountain only ruins remain, although several buildings have been recently renovated for tourism purposes.