Address: Largo dell'Olmo, Scanno


The gate, which is made from blocks of stone, has a flattened barrel vault and ends with a gable roof. The room located above it is now part of a private home. On the wall inside of the door we can still see one of the old hinges. Entering the area called Terra Vecchia, above the door you can see a tall, narrow building that could be the "ancient tower" shown in the engraving by Pacichelli from 1692 - maybe the house-tower which was part of the late Baron's mansion, on the site of which we presume the present Palazzo Di Rienzo was built  a short distance away.

Historical Notes

Located close to Largo dell’Elmo and the Church of Sant’Eustachio, from which it takes its name, it was one of the three oldest gates of Scanno and gave access to the original medieval centre, located in the highest part of the village, known today Terra Vecchia. The others were demolished, along with the primitive walls, in 1909 to make room for the construction of road to Barrea.